My Dolls

Addy Walker
How I Got Her - My mom surprised me and my friend Ashlyn with a trip to the "Los Angeles" American Girl store on October 1st 2011. I got Addy as a reward for excelling in my school lessons and volunteering my time in service work. My name is Addy too!!!
Fav Food: Fried Apples
Fav Color: Pink
Birthday: April 9th 

Kit Kittridge

How I Got Her - I got her for my birthday! Some friends and me went to the store for my 9th birthday! She was a gift from my mom!
Fav Food: Cookies
Fav Color: Lavender
Birthday: May 19th

Ruthie Smithens
How I Got Her - Ruthie was my first doll! I had no dolls, before my friend Brooke gave her to me for Christmas when I was 8! I was very shocked and thankful. I had been waiting a long time!
Fav Food: Peaches
Fav Color: Yellow
Birthday: August 23rd

Felicity Merriman

How I Got Her - I got her for Christmas from my parents in 2010! I knew she was going to retire,so I wanted her! On Christmas day when I discovered Felicity was not there, my mom brought out a huge American Girl Doll bag, I was soo shocked!
Fav Food: Biskits
Fav Color: White
Birthday: April 21st

Joy Bitty

 How I Got Her - I got Joy as a surprise on Christmas Eve 2011 and my brother got her twin boy brother, Justin. 
Fav Food: Cupcakes
Fav Color: Peach
Birthday: December 24th

Julie Albright

How I Got Her - I got Julie for my 11th birthday! I had a mystery party and my mom hid her and gave me clues to go hunt and find her. I was very happy and surprised!
Fav Food: Chinese Food
Fav Color: Orange
Birthday: May 1st